The Movies About_Girls podcast - The funniest podcast you'll ever hear, hosted by my friend, the"King of Podcasting" himself, Mr. Ken McIntyre
Style and Stuff - Style, Fashion, Food, Pop Culture & Stuff from Stacie Dawn, the "MAG" co host
Cherrybomb - A "MAG" podcast regular with her nose to the rock and roll streets
Gore Gore Girl - Another "MAG" regular with a keen interest in something very saucy (VERY NSFW)
Advance Pictures - The film company of my pal, Mr. Anthony Siarkiewicz
Anthony Siarkiewicz
- Anthony's personal art site
Eskimo Films - The home base of films by Thomas Nola such as "The Doctor", "To the Wolves", "Jack" and "Blood Jungle"
Adam Wingard - Award winning director of such films as "Pop Skull" and "Home Sick". A busy guy and a cool dude
Film Cow - The home of "Charlie the Unicorn" and many other very funny things for you to enjoy by Mr. Jason Steele and pals
Robert Benfer - Creator of "Clay World" and "The Fracktaplots". Very talented man
B Roll films - The site of Boston filmmaker Mr. Greg Shea
Macaulay Woods - A site or artwork from the Boston artist Macaulay Woods
Planet Volpe - The wonderful works of Mr. Anthony Volpe, an old pal
Leigh McGrath - One of the most talented artists I've ever met. He's a real wonder
Zaftig Zen - The art website of Dani Brown
Fake Shark - The art portfolio of my oldest friend in the world, Mr. Brian MacDonald
Plinky? Plinky! - The art site of the lovely and talented Andrea Tomingas
Fat Pie
- This is Dave Firth's site. He made "Salad Fingers" and a million other wonderful things
Noise Ink - A very talented producer of beats from my home town in Massachusetts
JAWXVA & JOXVOX - Two sites featuring the visual and audio work of my friend Mr. Joshua Ferrao
Cupine - An outstanding San Franciso band featuring my friend Mr. Michael Curran
The Science Club - The home base of some great Massachusetts and Rhode Island music
Kwwrr! - Tasty noise from Finland by Juho